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Can you understand...?

It seems to me a good place to listen to people

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Questions for discussion in the English class


That's English Videos as seen on TV

That's English - Does politics matter? 1

That's English - Does politics matter? 2

That's English - Does politics matter? 3


cómo hablar de las elecciones y la política en inglés


learn vocabulary about political parties and institutions in USA

learn vocabulary used in Parliament

practise vocabulary drill about political parties and party candidates in USA

UK Politics Have Your Say - What issues matter to you?

Gordon Brown launches the UK politics YouTube channel

20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics - Pt. 1 of 6 (in the USA)

Role of an MP

Working with schools to support young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy

glossary A-Z


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Questions for discussion in the English class


That's English Videos as seen on TV

That's English - Life in the future 1

That's English - Life in the future 2

That's English - Life in the future 3


Seven Billion Reasons to Worry: the Financial Impact of Living Longer
Posted on April 11, 2012 by iMFdirect By S. Erik Oppers

Everyone wants at some point to stop working and enjoy retirement. In these uncertain economic times, most people worry about their pension. Now take your worries and multiply those several billion times. This is the scale of the pension problem. And the problem is likely bigger still: although living longer, healthier lives is a good thing, how do you afford retirement if you will live even longer than previously thought?

This so-called longevity risk, as discussed in the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report has serious implications for global financial and fiscal stability, and needs to be addressed now.

Here’s the issue: governments have done their analysis of aging largely based on best guesses of population developments. These developments include further drops in fertility and some further increase in longevity. The trouble is that in the past, longevity has been consistently and substantially underestimated. We all live much longer now than had been expected 30, 20, and even just 10 years ago. So there is a good chance people will live longer than we expect now. We call this longevity risk—the risk we all live longer than anticipated.

Risky business

Why is that a risk, you may ask. We all like to live longer, healthy lives. Sure, but let’s now return to those pension worries. If you retire at 65 and plan your retirement finances expecting to live another 20 years (assuming you have enough savings for at least that period), you would face a serious personal financial crisis if you actually live to 95, or— well in your 100s.

Read more »

Riesgos financieros por longevidad de la población: FMI


So, how is life in 2020? The future of Europe

Is this the future nowadays?

Life in the Future Year 4000

Do you agree?

FOX: Many believe world will end in 2012


Other interesting sites:

Future Predictions

The Honda Uni-Cub


2º NI. Module 9. Lesson 3


qué futuro le espera a la humanidad en los próximos 100 años

Future is here: 
Beber con la mente  - Mind-controlled robot arms show promise


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WHAT THE PAPERS SAY - Module 9 Unit 2

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” 
― Mark Twain

Questions for discussion in the English class

That's English Videos as seen on TV


The division of British newspapers - concept map, reading comprehension

Digital age and newspapers - listening and discussion

Take a look at this SITE if you want to read lots of newspapers. And MORE (British ones)



ESL Conversation Questions: News

  • What is the role of newspapers in society?
  • What sells newspaper?
  • Why do we buy newspapers?
  • Do you think that news is censored in some countries?
  • Is the news censored in your country?
  • Will newspapers disappear in the future?
  • How does American news differ from your country's news?
  • What is your favorite section of the newspaper to read?
  • How often do you watch the news?
    • Do you make a point of watching the news?
    • Do you feel bad if you miss the news?
  • Which kind of news is the best for you? Why?
    • Newspaper?
    • Radio?
    • Televison?
    • Internet?
  • Do you think that the news is necessary? Why or why not?
  • What would the world be like without news?
  • Do you think the news tells us just information without giving its opinion?
  • Should the news give an opinion?
  • Do you think the news influences people too much?
  • Do you think the news is shocking now?
  • How has it changed over the years?
  • Do you think people need to know all of the news?
  • What do people not need to know?
  • What do you think is the most important thing the news should report?
  • What was the most memorable news you ever watched?
  • If the news reported your week, what would be the headline?
  • Think of a news headline for the following countries: America, Britain, France, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Germany.
  • Do you read the newspaper everyday?
  • How often do you read the newspaper?
  • What newspaper do you read?
  • How much does the newspaper cost?
  • What kind of magazines do you like to read?
  • What is your favorite newspaper?
  • What is your favorite magazine?
  • Are magazines expensive in your country?
  • Do you enjoy reading a newspaper?
  • What sections of a newspaper do you like to read?
  • What are the different sections in a newspaper?
  • Do you think that reading a newspaper is a good way to improve your English?
  • What kinds of information can you get from the newspaper?
  • Where do you get most of your news?
  • Do you like to keep up with current events?
  • If you are someone who usually follows the news, has there been a time when you decided to stop? Why and for how long?
  • Do you think it's important to read the newspaper and know what is going on in the world? Why or why not?
  • Do you trust the information you get from the news?
  • you are someone who usually follows the news, has there been a time when you decided to stop? Why and for how long?
  • What different types of newspapers do you read?
  • Do you read newspapers in other languages?
  • Is your hometown newspaper on the internet?


LISTEN: Decline of the Papers

Matt and Rachel discuss the decline of newspapers in society and how it is affecting them


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Very interesting and very useful blog for That's English students.


Questions for discussion in the English class


That's English Videos as seen on TV

That's English - A British sense of humour 1

That's English - A British sense of humour 2

That's English - A British sense of humour 3


Take a look at this site, be careful, you might laugh ! (click on the image)

What makes Britain laugh?

It's not an easy question to answer, but a hundred years and more of film and television do at least offer us a few clues. Of course, the British have changed a great deal in that time. We've been through two world wars, seen our cities fill with cars, welcomed the arrival of universal suffrage and the welfare state and watched Britain evolve into a multicultural society.

And these too

Watch more video from the Top Picks channel on Frequency

Do you know Benny Hill?

Benny Hill - Wishing Well por Jazzi801

What about Mr. Bean?

Humo(u)r. What is it?
The American Sense Of Humour
The Belgian Sense Of Humour
The Chinese Sense Of Humour
The Dutch Sense Of Humour
The English Sense Of Humour
The French Sense Of Humour
The German Sense Of Humour
The Greek Sense Of Humour
The Japanese Sense Of Humour
The Scottish Sense Of Humour
The Spanish Sense Of Humour
The Welsh Sense Of Humour

Big Joke List


Tag Questions
A lesson about humour. ("GSOH" means "Good Sense Of Humour", in case you were wondering!) Questions such as "How would you define humour?" provide opportunities for fluency development.

Three Riddles for Students of English

British Humour: Mr Bean



April Fools 2012 Hoaxes

Will and Guy's April Fools 2012 HoaxesApril Fools 2012 hoaxes

Here are our forecasts for pranks and jokes that you will see on April Fool's Day 2012.


April Fools' Day Lessons from Last YearApril Fool 2012

Will and Guy have searched the internet and read the national and local newspapers thoroughly so as to be able to bring to you the best and the funniest pranks, hoaxes and gags carried out last 1st April 2011.
We hope that you enjoy our selection and if you feel we have omitted your favourite please contact us and we will include it on the site with your name.
An early frisson of excitement was created when the following news was first announced : 'The USA nuclear launch codes are on the White House website'.

April Fools' Day Down Under

We had no idea that Australia celebrated April Fool's day - we should have known better!
The world's first "square" ferris is wheel launched in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne's Docklands observation wheel is re-opening with a "revolutionary new design" - a square shaped wheel, it was announced.

Square Ferris Wheel - April Fool
  • A Blackberry with no screen was advertised in Australia
  • Air New Zealand launched a pay what you weigh for an airline seat.

YouTube - April 1st AnnouncementApril Fool 2012

YouTube Travels Back In Time Announcing the celebration of their centenary on April 1st You Tube will be reverting its videos back to what they would have looked like around 1911, complete with grainy, sepia video footage, no audio tracks (save for piano accompaniment), and title cards in place of the site's normal comments.

Recap of Short April Fool Jokes

While these are last year's pranks, when it comes to April Fool's day we have noticed how history repeats itself.  Another slant on these amusing events is that we may be able to adapt or impove on the idea and create even more mischief.
  • Kodak claimed to have added the ability to remove our exes from our photos. The feature is aptly titled, "Relationshifffft".April Fool 2012
  • BMW claims that in a bid to capitalise on "royal wedding fever", it has created a special version of the BMW M3 Coupé. The special M3 Royal Edition is available in a choice of three exclusive colours - Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It is resplendently upholstered in Windsor White Dakota leather and adorned with a commemorative "Will" emblem.
  • Sir Richard Branson, the famous entrepreneur, claimed that he has officially bought Pluto, for and undisclosed sum and reinstated it as a planet.

Fancy Pants or Smart Alec?

The motor manufacturer - SEAT, claimed its new SEAT Media Audio Recognition Technology (SMART) was set to shake up the sat nav market. It boasts of Automatic Regional Speech Equivalence [ARSE] software that adjusts dialogue to the local dialect.
For example, a driver navigating his way through East London might be treated to the following sound bite by the SMART system, 'Awright geezer, it's straight on at these lights, innit?' 
  • A pen that sends a tweet as you write was also launched on 1st April in 2011.April Fool - Tweeter Pen
  • Ryanair made an announcement that the Irish airline will be offering child-free flights beginning in October. 'When it comes to children we all love our own but would clearly prefer to avoid other people's little monsters when travelling,' Head of Communications, Stephen McNamara told us.
  • April Fool - Tweeter PenToshiba, always at the forefront of gadgetry innovation, has announced the world's first 3D monocle.
  • Google China advertised teleportation. Google China, through its innovative new search capabilities, gives the user the ability to travel through time and space.