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Questions for discussion in the English class


That's English Videos as seen on TV

That's English - A British sense of humour 1

That's English - A British sense of humour 2

That's English - A British sense of humour 3


Take a look at this site, be careful, you might laugh ! (click on the image)

What makes Britain laugh?

It's not an easy question to answer, but a hundred years and more of film and television do at least offer us a few clues. Of course, the British have changed a great deal in that time. We've been through two world wars, seen our cities fill with cars, welcomed the arrival of universal suffrage and the welfare state and watched Britain evolve into a multicultural society.

And these too

Watch more video from the Top Picks channel on Frequency

Do you know Benny Hill?

Benny Hill - Wishing Well por Jazzi801

What about Mr. Bean?

Humo(u)r. What is it?
The American Sense Of Humour
The Belgian Sense Of Humour
The Chinese Sense Of Humour
The Dutch Sense Of Humour
The English Sense Of Humour
The French Sense Of Humour
The German Sense Of Humour
The Greek Sense Of Humour
The Japanese Sense Of Humour
The Scottish Sense Of Humour
The Spanish Sense Of Humour
The Welsh Sense Of Humour

Big Joke List


Tag Questions
A lesson about humour. ("GSOH" means "Good Sense Of Humour", in case you were wondering!) Questions such as "How would you define humour?" provide opportunities for fluency development.

Three Riddles for Students of English

British Humour: Mr Bean


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