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Expresión e interacción

Otra práctica
Ejercicios orales para la sesión presencial:
* pg 59 -6
* pg 60 - 1
* pg 62 - 11-12
* pg 63 - 7
* pg 67 - 6


MODULE 7. Unit 6 "Films"



Questions for discussion in the English class


Listening :Father and daughter talk about a film - Movie Review




Learn by watching movies
In this section, we analyze parts of the movie script to learn and understand the use of daily English language. Read the passages and try to understand them. Then, read the vocabulary explanation. Finally, read the passage again.
En esta sección, analizamos fragmentos de diálogos de una película para aprender y entender el uso del inglés informal. Lee los textos e intenta comprenderlos. Luego, lee las explicaciones de vocabulario. Finalmente, vuelve a leer el texto.



Drew's scripts-o-rama: Over 600 free scripts


My favorite film






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(recordad que el tema 4 no se tratará en clase)

p. 49 Ex. 6
p. 50 Ex. 1, say what you know about them, you don't have to look up a reference book for information.
p. 51 Ex. 1 + 2 + 3 pronunciation
p. 52 Ex. 7 + 9 + 12
p. 53 Ex. 6
p. 56 Ex. 4
p. 57 Ex. 8
p. 58 Ex. 6


interacciones para ser expuestas en clase.

Vocabulario de la unidad (1)

MODULE 7. Unit 5 "Social classes"





Posh, Poor, and Middleclass Brits: A close-up look at the modern class divide in Britain Britain has certainly become more multi-cultural and diverse, but does its traditional class system still stand? It seems the divide between the rich and the poor is growing ever-more prominent. Whilst well-off Richard Bailey's hobby is sailing gondolas, Adam Bloor is a young homeless man simply trying to build a life for himself. "When you're homeless everybody looks down on you" he shrugs. As the divide between Upper Middle Class and Lower Middle Class, "which borders on being poor", becomes more defined, the gap between rich and poor only seems to be getting bigger.


 (puedes usar los subtitulos) ============================================================

1)What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘social issues’?
2)Do you like discussing social issues in your English class?
3)What are the biggest social issues affecting your country today?
4)What are the very newest social issues to arise in your country?
5) Are you directly affected by any social issues?
6) Do you think Hollywood and the music industry are good at focusing attention on social issues?
7) What social issues has the war on terror brought to your country?
8) Is your government good at dealing with and tackling social issues?
9) Which social issues affect the whole world?
10) Do social issues ever affect rich people, or are they simply poor people’s problems? STUDENT B’s
11) What would you like the power to be able to do?
12) What social issues were around in the past but have now gone?
13) What social issues has the Internet created? How is your society dealing with these?
14) Are social issues the same as economic issues and environmental issues?
15) Would you like a job that involves addressing social issues?
16) How are social issues different in America, China, the Arab world, India, etc?
17) What new social issues do you think will arise in the future?
18) Do you believe that one day, all social issues will be gone?
19) What answers do you have to a social issue?
20) What is the best way to study and follow social issues?


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pg. 29 Ex. 1 + 2 + 7
pg. 32 Ex. 9 + 12
pg. 33 Ex. 2 + 6
pg. 36 Ex.1
pg. 37 Ex. 5 Interaction


MODULE 7. Unit 3 "The older generation"

Module 7. U-3 The older generation.



Questions for discussion in the English class



Do you want to give your opinion in a forum? HERE


'Society thinks older people are useless'

Senior Resource Services Volunteer Video


In case you don't find the audio, CLICK HERE

Do the elderly still have a place in this modern society?

EPP - Role of the Elderly in Society

Crisis forces Japan's elderly out of retirement

Why Has the Elderly Lost Society's Respect?


One of the growing concerns around the world is the aging population of seniors and how to care for them in the future. At the same time, many seniors want control over their own futures and want to live comfortably during their golden years. Now, there are a growing number of assisted living centers for seniors in some areas of the world. However, do most people rather live with family in their latter years or take care of themselves in a senior citizen center? How does your culture view the care of the elderly?


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p.19 Ex 6
p. 23 Ex 1 + 6
p. 25 Ex 6
p. 27 Ex 5 + 8


MODULE 7. Unit 2 "Good science, bad ethics?"


Module 7. Questions on unit 2. Good science, bad ethics?



Discuss or debate the questions below. Remember to support your answers!
·         Everyone was far happier before such inventions as the computer and automobile. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
·         Science has become the new religion. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
·         Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Please explain.
·         If you could invent something, what would it be? Please explain.
·         Did you study science at school? How did you feel about your science class? How did you feel about your science teacher?

·         Do you think science helps or harms humankind? Why do you think so?
·         What, if any, scientific advances have had negative results? Why do you think so?
·         Some people believe less money should be spent on science and technology and more should be spent on helping third world countries. What do you think?
·         How has science improved your life? Think of three examples and explain.
·         In your opinion, what has been the single greatest invention during your life thus far? How about in the last 100 years? Why do you think so?
·         Some people say that scientists have begun to play God. What do you think this means? What are your thoughts on the subject?
·         What interesting news about science and technology have you seen or heard recently?
·         Tell your partner about an interesting sci-fi movie you have seen. Why was it interesting? Was it believable? Why?

·         Do you believe science is more important than religion to many people? Why/not?
·         Do you think there is still a lot to invent? Why/not?
·         Do you trust scientists? Why/not?

·         What great scientific advances do you imagine happening in the next 10 years? 25 years? 100 years? Please explain.
·         What scientific or technological advance would make your life easier? Do you think any of these will be invented soon?
·         Which field of science do you find the most interesting? Why?
·         What is the most dangerous and deadly invention in the past 100 years? Do you think humankind will invent something worse in the next 100 years? Why/not?





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