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Exercises to talk about in class

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MODULE 6. Unit 1 "Getting better"


Nina's Cabbages


Getting Better 


Videos Unit 1
  =============================================================== Listen to some podcasts:

Alternative Medicine (vocabulary)

Recovering from an Illness or Injury

Donating an Organ 

Fad Dieting

Minor Medical Injuries

And many more podcasts about the same topic 


from minute 1:42 on


U.S. teens taking to alternative medicines


1)What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘alternative medicine’?
2)What is ‘alternative’ about alternative medicine?
3)What alternative medicine do you know about?
4)Have you tried any alternative medicine?
5)Do you think alternative medicine is just a trend that goes in and out of fashion?
6)Do you think alternative medicine works?
7)What kind of people use alternative medicine?
8)Do you think alternative medicines work better than modern drugs?
9)Do you trust alternative medicine?
10)Do you think doctors should study about and be experts in alternative medicine?

1)Do you think alternative medicines are tried, tested and safe?
2)Why do you think so little is known about the health benefits of alternative medicine?
3)Which countries in the world have the best medicines?
4)Do you think we can find all the medicines we need from the natural world, instead of making drugs?
5)Would you like to try acupuncture?
6)What are your thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine?
7)Do you think the medicine in Western hospitals is alternative medicine in other countries?
8)What do you think of things like art therapy, music therapy, healing with animals, etc?
9)What would you like to know about alternative medicine?
10)Do you know anyone who uses alternative medicine?

Talk About
 Have you ever used any type of alternative medicine?
 Is alternative medicine common in your country?
Do you think alternative medicine could replace scientific medicine?
Would you like to be hypnotised?
Have you ever had a massage?




Investigate 6 different types of alternative medicine.  Read the therapy adverts and follow the web links to find out more about each one.  Match 12 patient cards to appropriate therapies.
An excellent group activity, role play encourages further discussion between patient and therapist. Functional language skills can therefore be further developed.

Lesson: Therapy adverts - Alternative medicine


Reading Comprehension 1

Listening Comprehension 2


Alternative Medicine Vocabulary






BUT is it all true ?

La gran mentira del reiki, la pseudoterapia que promete curar con la imposición de manos (ago. 2018)

*  Is Reiki effective?

Sin rastro científico que avale el tratamiento 'kinesio taping'

La ozonoterapia es un engaño mayúsculo que debemos denunciar

El científico que se enfrentó al príncipe Carlos y equipara la homeopatía con el 'brexit' (17 septiembre, 2018)

Need any more proof that homeopathy is useless? We've just got it, so let's finally end this farce

*Si dan reiki, no es un hospital: así luchará el Gobierno contra la pseudociencia (14/11/18)

* Estas son las muertes por cáncer que causa la homeopatía y otras 'alternativas'

* El Gobierno estudia incluir el yoga, la acupuntura y la meditación en la lista de pseudoterapias (28/02/19)


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