domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009


They also have comprehension questions to test your understanding, but in case you didn't get it all, you can check the transcriptions, but be honest, only at the end.

Steph On Cooking (Br.)
Steph and El Tel On Cinema (Br.)
Pam’s House (Br.)
Dee’s House (Br.)
Fran On Gambling (Br.)
Emilio On English (Sp.)
Innes On Pubs (Br.)
Rubén on Fallas (Sp.)
El Tel On Snooker (Br.)
Danny On Ice Hockey (Am.)
Steph On Cooking-The Recipe (Br.)
Kevin On Peru (Br.)
Kevin On Women (Br.)
A Woman In Africa (Af.)
Hunting Crocodiles (Af.)
Betsy On George Bush (Am.)
Joel’s Job (Af.)
Sandra In Tanzania (Gr.)
Eggs (Am.)
Janet On Art Therapy (Am.)
John On DIY (Br.)
Ruth’s Job (Br.)
Checking Into a Hotel (Br.)
Chocolate Therapy (Br.)
Rob On Rabbits (Br.)
Janet On New York (Am.)
Security Announcement (Am.)
Salzburg Nightlife (Gr.)


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