domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Welcome to LearnEnglish podcasts!

LearnEnglish Podcasts are a way for you to practise your English language listening skills. You can listen on your computer, or download to your mp3 player. We've got something for everyone - from kids to adults and from elementary to advanced level learners. They are free, and if you subscribe we will send them to you every month. Please note that you cannot subscribe to our Kids listening downloads.

elementary podcast: Ideal for learners without much English language experience.

themes: Listen to articles and link to many theme-related activities.

stories and poems: Listen to stories and poems by the famous and not so famous.

professionals: Helping you to improve your English for your studies and career.

kids: Practise your English by listening to songs and stories and more.

science: Science communicators directly reaching a wider audience.

what is a podcast?: Our guide for beginners

Wikipedia: podcasting: More advanced guide

Podcasting directory: Links to 1000s of podcasts


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