domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Don't miss this website if you want to practice both your listening and speaking (orally repeating) skills, besides learning or reinforcing vocabulary.

"Welcome to Real English®, the Web's only online ESL site that utilizes authentic and natural ESL videos of people speaking real English on streets across the globe. Designed for individuals learning English, as well as for teachers and institutions, Real English® offers unique ESL lessons, rendering the spontaneity of normal (fast) speech understandable for all levels of students. No need to sign in. The lessons are all free and free-access. "

"Real English is different. Students who have not lived in an English-speaking country should begin with Lesson 1! The people in the videos are spontaneous. Spontaneity is difficult, just like real situations with strangers are difficult. The people seem to speak fast, but in reality, they are speaking at normal speed. "

"Real English is different. Intermediate students should begin with Lesson 1 when they begin learning with Real English. Even our beginner videos are challenging for students who have never spent time in English-speaking countries. lessons.All of our videos & lessons are free and free-access! "

Lesson 21 - Introduction to the Present Simple with do/does. Four interviews including Chris, Donna, and Millie. They bring the tension of the office right onto the street.

Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 21 Exercises


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